The Double Eagle 2000 Premier Technical Specifications


The frame and platform are 14' wide x 22' long x 9''6" high.  A playing area 15' wide x 25' long with a 10 ' ceiling is recommended.

14' wide x 22' 4' long (427 cm x 681 cm).  The putting turf is specially designed to simulate a real green.  The texture reacts like a green for realistic putting in both speed and distance.

12' wide x 9' high.  It is fabricated from a durable nylon fabric, with a special fire retarding backing.  It also provides a very high definition surface for the projection of the golf course.

14' wide x 22' 4" long x 3" high. Constructed on site of high-grade 2" x 4" lumber, which is covered with 3/4" plywood and Par T Golf putting turf.   The platform doubles as a putting green and a base for the canopy frame.

This attractive, rounded corner, curvilinear frame is 14' wide x 16' long x 9' high, and is made of 1 1/2 inch square tubing.  It rests on the platform and supports the Canopy Frame.

Extremely accurate ball-flight tracking system, consisting of three infrared lights and three highly sensitive cameras which detect the ball while in flight.  The Optisense housing is attached to the frame above the golfer.

Multiple scan, 16.7 million color video projector with simple digital convergence for adjusting. Suspended from the frame or mounted above the golfers from the ceiling.

This 4" diameter cup has electronically fitted sensors which detect a ball in the cup. Golfers can make a real "Hole-in-one" or "Holed Out" shots, just like outdoors.  The cup is located in the platform near the screen.

A safety area for flying golf balls is created by suspending this double-woven nylon canopy, with green sides and a blue top, from the frame.

The huge screen can also double as a movie screen when not in use for golfing. Satellite reception, laser disks, VCRs or video games can be connected to the system and projected onto the screen.

The easy-to-operate console is activated simply by pressing the touch panel, and play begins by following easy instructions on the display.  This completely redesigned console features a state-of-the-art PENTIUM microprocessor, CD ROM drive, track-ball controls, a 3" x 5" touch sensitive backlit LCD display panel and a built-in score-card printer.  The console measures 12" wide x 12" long x 46" high.  The commands are very intuitive as it is built with the golfer, not the computer programmer in mind. Because of the modular computer design, upgrades are easy to install.  Optronics maintains an aggressive upgrade policy.  The durable CD ROM technology uses actual photographs of world famous golf courses.  The ease of operating this user friendly console invites your customers back to enjoy additional rounds of indoor golf at your facility.