Air Amplifier Blower 放大式風机

Air amplifer Blowers from "PTE" are a perfect solution to moving air in anywhere, conveying parts with no moving parts, only require a small  compressed air source.

"PTE" 放大式風机祗需接上壓縮空氣,便能產生真空進行送風或傳送工作

Casing Material: Aluminum      外殼材料: 鋁合金



壓縮空氣管徑 壓縮空氣流量 出口擴大後空氣流量 出廠價(HK港幣)

Part No.

Compressed air inlet pipe size Compressed air consumption Total air flow produced at outlet Ex factory price (HK)
PTE-150(6") 25mm 3.5M3/min (124 SCFM)@ 5.5bar 84.8M3/min (3347 CFM) HK2,800 -
PTE-200(8") 25mm 5.47M3/min (152 SCFM)@ 5.5bar 139M3/min (4929 CFM) HK3,690 -

Application: 用途

Ventilate explosive and hazardous vapors in confined space 密閉空間抽走有毒和爆炸性汽体

Remove hot air, gases and smoke quickly and easily 快速排除熱空氣氣体及煙

Move fresh air into manhole 抽入新鮮空氣至人孔

Cool hot parts 冷郤熱工件

Dry wet parts 吹乾工件

Convey power and parts by vacuum 用真空傳送粉末及零件